Blue Cat's Stereo Flanger - VST

Blue Cat's Stereo Flanger - VST 2.63

This plug-in adds a unique feature to the original effect

Blue Cat's Stereo Flanger uses the same algorithm as the Flanger plug-in, but Blue Cat have added a unique feature to the original Flanger plug-in. They have created a plug-in that allows the user to smoothly transform it into a stereo flanging effect with a single slider. By pushing the 'stereo' slider of the user interface you will be able to notice the difference right away as the sound takes on a whole new dimension and quality.

One of the benefits of Blue cat's Stereo Flanger is the real time Flanger effect. You can control the mount of stereo effect when using this plug-in by simply using the single slider. The Stereo Flanger is simple yet very powerful. Like all of Blue cat's other plug-ins, the Stereo Flanger benefits from their Smooth Update mechanism. This stops the 'plop' when you modify the parameters, on both the DirectX and VST platforms.

Blue Cat has very impressive audio standards for the Stereo Flanger. A native DSP code for optimal performance, skinable user interface, full automation support, No CPU load on idle, Real time MIDI control with advanced settings and MIDI Learn and any sample rate is supported. You can also find more skins for this product on their website.

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  • Transform sound into stereo flanging effect with a single slider


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